Antz Lewiz Creationz
Antz Lewiz Creationz


I am Anthony Lewis and I live in Windsor in the UK.  I spent 30 very enjoyable and successful years exploring for oil and gas in the energy industry with Shell and BG Group.  During this time the urge to create grew louder and louder till it became a banshee siren calling me to take the plunge and escape from the corporate world.  I have given up my scientific corporate career as a geophysicst making maps of the subsurface using seismic soundwaves to create sitting in my study at the back of the garden. Its incredible how I feel even more 'connected' here on my own than I ever did when in a large corporation!  This website is going to my vehicle to deliver my 'Creationz' to others.  Let me know what you think! All feedback given with a generous spirit will be gratefully received, and acknowledged.


I love music, writing, reading, blogging, science, yoga, photography, jogging, cycling, gymming, swimming, trekking, philisophizing, talking, debating, clubbing, orienteering and mapping.  I grew up as an English gay catholic boy in Northern Ireland near Derry during the 70s! As a result I have always felt a bit of an outsider, and have never understood bigotry, extremism, intolerance and prejudice despite having been surrounded by it much of my life.  I am still struggling .......


The universe is indifferent to all of us - so I do not make what random fate throws at me as anything about me, as I do not take it personally - I  try hard not to be one of lifes victims..... but like all of us I do have me moments. I am an atheist. I think this makes me a better person, as my time 'being alive' is just as precious as your time.  I hope I treat you and myself with the respect both of us deserve given how special it is that we both have a chance to  'be alive' at the same time with the opportunity to interact in a way that enhances both our times on this earth.  So please read and feedback the material on this website knowing that my intent is to grow, change and challenge accepted norms. Please do get in touch if you want to debate, discuss or collaborate further, but please in the same constructive and open spirit that I provide my 'Creationz' on these web pages.


My episodic blogging will be on various controversial subjects that matter to me, and, are dominating the news schedules, based on my own research and ideas - expect the unusual, and wierd angles!


Hopefully in due course I will be self publishing the odd story or two - this is a journey I have wanted to take for quite sometime, and it may take a while longer for me to get going!


I have been penning the odd poem ever since I was doing my PhD in Geophysics at Durham University.  Most have collected dust these last few decades - have a read and let me know what you think?

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