Antz Lewiz Creationz
Antz Lewiz Creationz


Welcome to my assorted creations.  After 30 years working in the corporate energy industry as a geophysicist exploring for hydrocarbons I now spend my time blogging, researching, writing, creating noises that I call music and generally keeping myself busy.  I am a Humanist and Chair and Founder of Windsor Humanists, and an active member of the local inter faith groups as a representative of the non religious.   Please peruse and if you find something that interests you please share with others or get in contact using the contact button opposite if you want to discuss anything further. 

My Blogz

My episodic monthly-ishir regular blog will focus on various controversies, based on my own views and research.... first blog was on the World Humanist Congress held in Oxford in August 14

My DiagramZ

I really enjoy summarising complex subjects on a single conceptual diagram.  I think others might also find them useful and provide them here for you to use or ignore as the need takes you!

My Tunez

Finally completed some tracks now that I have the time - have a listen and see what you think.....

My Poemz

A collection of some of my poems - have a read and let me know what you think ......

Windsor Humanists

All are welcome at any Windsor Humanists event - you can find out more at their website just press on the link below.

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